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PGB White Crane Silat International Portal

PGB Bangau Putih, White Crane Silat. Mohon tanya dulu kalau mau pakai. Please ask first before reusing.

Welcome to the PGB White Crane Silat international web portal. PGB, "Persatuan Gerak Badan", is our international martial arts school and community association. PGB is based at its headquarters (PGB Pusat) in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia, with branches in the Indonesian archipelago and around the world. PGB is a member of IPSI, the Indonesian national pencak silat organization.

This is the official international source of PGB information.

  • To see a list of branches with links to contact them, see the Cabang-Cabang page.
  • For a news and events roundup, see the News and Events page.

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2014 PGB International Retreat, Sonthofen Germany

The annual PGB retreat will be held in the Alps of our Cabang Sonthofen, hosted by our German PGB student organization.

 For more information, see PGB International Retreat 2014 Sonthofen








NOTE ON TRANSLATIONS: site content is always changing. PGB students or friends wishing to help with language translations, please contact us through this link to the contact mailer. In the "Choose a Contact" selection, pick "Cabang List Secretary".


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